• Hair Color: Blonde
  • Likes: Outdoor workouts, hanging out at the beach, cooking, and drinking!!
  • Dislikes: Don’t really have any dislikes!!
  • Interested In: Having fun in life!! Trying new things and meeting new people!
  • Playlist: I love all music, so currently it’s everything
  • Work Schedule: Next week Tuesday,Wednesday & Friday @ 1:30

  • BIO
    I’m Peruvian & Irish ☘️. So I seem to be always Lucky 🍀 😘😎 Love to keep my energy high and keep good vibes around me!! 🫶🏼🙌 I’m always having fun !!!😹😻 I have great personality & always smiling!! 😸😽🥳🥳😆😎

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