Los Angeles Cabaret

We’re Putting on a Los Angeles Cabaret Show to Remember — and You’re Invited!

Come on down to the hottest adult cabaret show in Los Angeles — it’s all on at Dames n’ Games!

We’re talking about risque comedy that lives right on the edge

We’re talking about stunning exotic dance routines from the most talented adult performers in LA…

…and we’re talking about the hottest topless models showing it all off for YOUR pleasure!

Our sexiest striptease artists are taking to the stage and putting on an unforgettable night of music, comedy, erotic dance, and excitement!

The mood is expectant. The atmosphere is hot and heavy. The drinks are ice-cold.

The prettiest girl in California has just stepped onto the stage and your breath catches in your throat.

You’re sat at a private table at the best adult cabaret show in Los Angeles, and the show’s about to start.

Come join us tonight!

Gentlemen Cabaret in LA — the Show with a BIG Difference

If you’ve been searching for a cabaret club near me, you’ll want to know exactly what’s on show.

So let’s answer a few of your questions up front.

  • Is there nudity in a cabaret? There’s sometimes mild nudity in a traditional cabaret. At Dames n’ Games, you can expect to see everything — our nude performers love to show off what they’ve got!
  • How is it different from burlesque? Cabaret tends to involve more comedy performances than burlesque, while burlesque is more about elaborate and exotic dance routines. However, there’s plenty of overlap, and you can enjoy stunning adult cabaret AND topless burlesque nights in LA at Dames n’ Games!
  • What to expect in a cabaret club? We put on classy nights featuring VIP bottle service on high-end liquors, private tables, VIP suites for personal lap dances from your favorite performers, and more!

This isn’t your average cabaret show…

Ever been to a show that advertised itself as racy and risque — but all you got to see were some skimpy outfits?

Now, we guarantee you’ll see some super-sexy lingerie and costumes at our LA cabaret nights. It’s all part of the tease.

But you’ll also get to see what our stunning strippers look like when it ALL comes off.

The difference is in delivery. You get all of the fun, all of the filthy humor, and also the final satisfaction of booking a lap dance in a VIP private suite from our hottest nude performers!

…and our adult performers aren’t your average California girls.

It’s not an official part of our cabaret dress code, but you MIGHT want to bring safety goggles.

There’s a high risk your eyes will pop out of your head when you see what our striptease artists have to offer.

You’ve never seen exotic dance moves like these. You’re about to experience the most seductive adult entertainment in Southern California from our super-talented strippers, right up close and personal.

It’s not just about the moves. Our adult cabaret performers are professional seductresses — the energy just keeps getting higher as the show goes on!

The razor-sharp comedy routines that push good taste WAY past the limit…

The electric jolt that runs through your body when she turns her eyes your way…

The tantalizing tease of wanting to know what’s under that costume…

It’s all waiting for you. Come down to Spearmint Rhino tonight!

What You’ll Find at Our Los Angeles Adult Cabaret Show

Fantastic music and live adult entertainment

At Spearmint Rhino Cabaret Men’s Club in LA, we take care of every detail.

A great cabaret show has fantastic music. And our in-house professional DJs have curated the perfect soundtrack to a stunning evening of adult entertainment.

Dirty jokes from wall-to-wall

Ever had the pleasure of seeing the sweetest-looking girl open up with a filthy, side-splitting comedy routine?

Find out what it looks like when a nice girl gets naughty at our Los Angeles cabaret evenings! We’re talking humor straight from the gutter and topless girls straight from the heavens — it’s an unmissable combination!

Private VIP dances with your favorite cabaret girls!

The sexiest strippers in LA are here to show you a good time, and that keeps going after the show!

The on-stage performance is the main event at our Los Angeles cabaret shows. But the party continues in our private VIP suites where you can book some VERY personal time with your favorite performers!

We run nightly discounts on VIP lap dances — don’t miss your chance!

VIP cabaret show in Los Angeles — the perfect night of adult entertainment

The best private events have sensational entertainment. There’s no better choice than a VIP cabaret performance from our stunning strippers!

Our luxury adult club and our talented topless girls are at your disposal for…

  • Bachelor parties
    • Birthday parties
    • Divorce celebrations
  • VIP guest entertainment in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Cabaret Club Near Me: Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at a cabaret club?

Cabaret clubs show live entertainment including musical performances, burlesque routines, and comedy sets. There’s usually a risque theme and adult entertainment (including nudity) is found in gentlemen’s cabaret clubs.

Is cabaret the musical burlesque?

Both cabaret and burlesque performances feature music. Burlesque is more dance-focused, while cabaret is more likely to feature comedy songs and live music.

Are cabarets still around?

Cabaret shows are most often found at bars and adult venues today — venues may run a cabaret night on a specific night of the week.

What’s the difference between a cabaret and a burlesque?

Cabaret combines music, dance, comedy, and other variety performances. It usually has an adult theme. Burlesque is more focused on elaborate dance routines and may include some striptease elements; it doesn’t usually include as much comedy or live music.