Los Angeles Bachelor Party Packages

Dames n’ Games is Throwing Your Los Angeles Bachelor Party in Style…

Call it your last night as a free man.

Call it the party to end all parties.

Call it the time of your life, surrounded by your closest friends — just as it should be.

Whatever you call it, we can promise you it’ll be even better when you’re surrounded by beautiful naked women!

Dames n’ Games is ready to play host to YOUR bachelor party in Los Angeles. You want the good stuff — we’ve got it.

Contact us now to plan your event!

We have everything a man needs — and so many more things that he wants…

Your LA bachelor party needs to be wild. It needs to be a fitting send-off to your bachelor years before the bells ring.

That means we’re going to need some fine liquor. No — a LOT of fine liquor.

It means we’re going to need a great venue. Private tables, cozy seating, fantastic service.

And it means we’re going to need girls. Beautiful, topless girls.

That’s a solid start. We’ve surely got everything you NEED.

But at Dames n’ Games, we’re in the business of giving you what you WANT.

Let us explain what that means…

Let us show you the true Los Angeles VIP experience…

How about upgrading your private table to one of our VIP champagne rooms?

A complimentary bottle of high-end champagne waiting for you on ice. A dedicated server ready to pour out a glass for you and your buddies.

The most comfortable seats in the house. Your choice of beautiful nude entertainers showing you and your friends a good time all night long.

Oh, and how about a hookah? You have only to ask.

“Classy” is a baseline. “Kings of LA” is what we’re shooting for.

Talk to our LA bachelor party planners now and let’s make it happen.

Drinks from the top shelf served at your table…

VIP bottle service is a must-have for your bachelor party. At Dames n’ Games, we’re only too happy to provide.

And what’s on the menu tonight? Start off with some classics — tequila shots, ice-cold beer buckets, bourbon by the glass, and champagne, of course!

But we can do a little more. A VIP private gentlemen’s club offers its guests the finest liquors from the top shelf.

We’re talking cognac. We’re talking rare, barrel-aged Scotch. We’re talking the finer things.

And again — we’re talking about what you want.

You deserve it. We can make it happen. Let’s talk!

And the hottest of the hottest — check out our roll call and find your favorite girls…

Dames n’ Games is proud to present our roll-call of the 50 sexiest women in California — and as our honored guest, the choice is yours.

Because this is what you REALLY want.

Personal attention all evening from beautiful, naked women. VIP lap dances that put it all on show and give you a last glimpse of paradise!

That’s why our strip club bachelor parties are legendary. It’s why you need to make your reservation now.

Let’s go!

It’s your last night as a free man — why not spend it at our temple of temptation?

Dames n’ Games isn’t just the only topless sports bar in LA.

It’s a private pleasure palace where you and your closest friends will enjoy the night of your lives when you book one of our Los Angeles bachelor party packages.

Here’s the lowdown on your special night…

Bachelor parties in Los Angeles with a difference…

It’s easy enough to put together the ingredients for a good time. It’s harder to find the special sauce that brings it all together.

At Dames n’ Games, you can BET that our girls have the special sauce!

We’re ready to prove it — our LA bachelor party packages are generous with VIP private dances for the groom-to-be. Prepare for a wild time…

A night packed with every type of entertainment…

Our adult-themed bachelor parties in Los Angeles are the complete package.

Let’s start with your welcome: we’re talking complimentary champagne on ice. A dedicated server. Fine liquor to get the evening off to a smooth start.

Then let’s consider the adult entertainment on offer. You’ll have your choice of sexy strippers showing you a good time, ALL night long. A little dirty chat. A little private show if you ask nicely — don’t forget that we run nightly specials on VIP lap dances!

Fancy a quick break or a little downtime while you get ready to rejoin the party? Enjoy pay-per-view sports on huge screens all around our topless LA sports bar — and don’t forget to order some of our classic hot bar food, prepared in-house by our talented chefs!

Let’s go out in style…

They say that marriage changes everything…

…so let’s fill your last night of freedom with the best version of everything you know and love!

It’s all on at Dames n’ Games — contact us to plan your bachelor party now!

Booking Your Los Angeles Bachelor Party at Dames n’ Games

Our talented Los Angeles bachelor party planners are ready to get to work. Special requests? Let us hear about them. Working on a tight budget? Find out how we deliver amazing value with our tailored packages!

When you contact us, we’ll need to know a few details to get started, such as…

  • When you’re planning to arrive at Dames n’ Games
  • How many guests will be in your party
  • Whether you have any accessibility requirements or other special requests
  • The name of the lucky bachelor!

We’re ready to get started — contact us now!

Here’s our secret to a successful LA bachelor party…

We’ve thrown so many fantastic bachelor parties in Los Angeles, and we’d love to add yours to that number!

A quick bit of free advice from your experienced hosts: a strip club bachelor party should never be a secret from either the bride-to-be or the partner of anyone attending.

You’ll enjoy yourself so much more if you know your betrothed has full peace of mind, take it from us!

Let Our California Girls Show You a Special Time…

You should never settle for second-best at the biggest party of your life…

That’s why Dames n’ Games is the perfect Los Angeles bachelor party venue.

The finest drinks. The most beautiful topless girls. The best night of your life as a free man…

Let’s make it happen!